"Around the World in a Day"

Sugar Art Gallery Displays Rules and Regulations

Entry Deadline: July 1, 2022

This exhibition is open to anyone interested in baking, cake decorating, or sugar art

  1. Cake Expo 2022 takes inspiration for all of its events and activities from our love of travel. For the Sugar Art Gallery, we use the “Around the World in a Day”. This is a sharing Expo, not a contest. There will be no judging.  There is no fee to enter a cake or other display in the Cake Expo Sugar Art Gallery.
  2. After you arrive onsite and after registration, all entries must be set up for display in the Sugar Art Gallery on Thursday, July 28, 2022 between 8 am – 4 pm.  NO entries will be accepted early.  Attendees arriving after Thursday will have their entries placed on a sharing table. 
  3. All Sugar Art display numbered stickers will be placed on the back of the Sugar Art display piece before taking to the photo studio.  The numbered sticker may be placed on the back of the cake stand, plate, or border of the Sugar Art display if the base board is covered in a sugar medium.  You will not be allowed to place the numbered stickers on the front or sides of the Sugar Art displays.
  4. Either real cake or dummies may be used.  However, dummies must be of a design that can be duplicated in an edible medium excluding accent piece, such as ribbon and plastic columns and plates.
  5. If doing a cookie display, cookies must be placed on a 10” board or larger and be a minimum of 6 cookies per display or if the cookie(s) is sculpted or measures larger than 8”x8” and will respectively fill a 10” display board.
  6. Photographs of cakes will be allowed in cake room only when accompanied by an actual display piece relating to said photograph.

    • No Sugar Art Entrant Drawing tickets will be issued for photographs, only for actual displays.
    • Photographs must be in self-standing frame, maximum 8” x 10”.
    • Expo has the right to refuse any photograph that does not meet above standards, does not have space available or they deem it not appropriate. 
  7. Electricity will NOT be provided in the Sugar Art Gallery for cake displays.  Anyone requiring electricity will have to personally contact our Sugar Art Gallery Manager.  A fee will be charged for electricity use.
  8. A Media Release form and Display Description must accompany any entry(ies) sent or brought to the Expo, or entry(ies) will not be displayed.  An Educational release may also accompany if you would like the piece used for educational/program purposes. Any photographs of the displays at the Cake Expo 2022 may not be reproduced for anything other than personal use without permission of the entrant.
  9. The Cake Expo Committee reserves the right to remove any entry it considers to be in poor taste.
  10. The Cake Expo is open to all sugar artists who want to share their art with others.
  11. The Cake Expo Committee and ICES will assume no responsibility for damage to entries or for personal items of any nature, lost or stolen at the Cake Expo.
  12. All entries must be picked up after the Cake Expo between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm on Sunday, July 31, 2022.  NO ENTRIES MAY BE PICKED UP PRIOR TO THIS TIME.  Entries left after this time will be disposed of if no other arrangements have been made for them.
  13. Only persons who are setting up Sugar Art Displays will be allowed in the Sugar Art Gallery during set-up times.  Those not setting up or assisting in the set-up of a Sugar Display will be escorted from the room.
  14. No advertising of books, business cards, placards and no additional signage or advertising of any kind will be allowed in the Sugar Art Gallery.
  15. Each person bringing a display for the Sugar Art Gallery, meeting the Sugar art display guidelines, will be given a Cake Display pin and/or Cake Display year bar.
  16. To be eligible for the Sugar Art Entrant Drawings, entries must be secured on at least a 10″ display board. Each display should fit within a 30” x 30” table space and not to exceed 42” tall. If your piece requires more space, you must contact the Sugar Art Gallery Manager at sugarartgallery@cakeexpo.org no later than July 1, 2022.  Each eligible entry will receive one chance for the Sugar Art Entrant Drawing, UP TO A MAXIMUM OF 10 CHANCES PER PERSON. A tiered cake will receive one chance for each tier that is on at least a 6″ board. Each completed demonstrator’s, hands on class and certification display will be eligible for the Sugar Art Entrant Drawing, provided it meets all other requirements. Ticket holders must be present at the time tickets are drawn and present valid ID in order to receive the drawn prize(s). Drawings will be held at the Sunday ICES Awards and Presentations.  Attendees arriving after Thursday will have their entries placed on a sharing table and these entries will not be eligible for the Sugar Art Entrant Drawing.