2022 Sugar Art Gallery Registration Form

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I hereby give permission for my entry(ies) to be photographed/videotaped by the International Cake Exploration Societé to reprint any such photos/videos from the Cake Expo. I understand that my entry(ies) may be photographed/videotaped and published for the promotion of ICES Convention and Show | CakeExpo. Furthermore, I hereby agree to abide by the rules and regulations of this show, including not removing my entry(ies) before the close of the Show on Sunday, July 21, 2022 at 5:30PM. I understand that ICES will not assume any responsibility for damage or theft of any display. The ICES Photographer will not photograph any copyrighted displays, as they cannot be selected for publication in the ICES Newsletter. ICES does not encourage, support or approve of copyrighted displays at the convention.


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Educational Release

ICES is devoted to the education of the sugar arts. Entries in this show may be used for educational training purposes. I give permission that my entries may be used for educational training purposes.

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You will receive link to another form via email on July 1, which will enable you to give us detailed information about your entry. Be sure to fill out one form per entry before arriving at Cake Expo, as it is necessary to finalize your entry registration.

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