Sweet Art Master Sugar Flower Competition

July 28-31, 2022
Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, NV

General Rules and Regulations

Please read these rules carefully. There are some changes from the previous competition.


Open to anyone 18 years of age or older.

Open for all skill levels.



Botanically correct sugar flowers, bouquets, and arrangements.


Judging System:

Judging will be done separately from the other competitions and will be based on a point

system. Up to 10 points will be awarded in these eight (8) categories for a maximum

score of 80 points. The decisions of the judges shall be final.

–           Overall general appearance and incorporation into the display.

–           Creativity and originality.

–           Realistic, accurate representation of flower varieties.

–           Appropriate petal thickness, correctly formed petals, and other flower parts.

–           Neatness and precision.

–           Difficulty of techniques and design.

–           Accurate natural coloring.

–           Appropriate foliage.



1st place – A $300 Gift Basket of Sweet Art Master Products plus a Certificate for a sugar flower class (private class, in person) at Julia Fedorova Cakes (NYC) worth up to $700.


General Rules:

  1. All entrants must sign a Registration Form Cake Expo and Entry Form for Sweet Art Master Sugar Flower Competition.
  2. Registration and payment must be completed by Thursday July 28 from 8 AM to 4 PM; no entries will be accepted after the day.
  3. You may enter the same Category repeatedly (i.e., competing against yourself), but not more than five (5) entries from one competitor.
  4. All entrants must check in at the registration desk before being escorted to the competition display area.
  5. There is a separate description form (for the judges) for this competition (Entry form part two).  Use only your registration number on your form.  The form must be completed in legible handwriting, preferably in printed letters, without corrections and strikethroughs, to prevent misunderstandings. Do not add any personal information (such as name, business or initials) to the form. Entries with personal information on description forms will not be scored.
  6. Description Form – Each entrant must include the following information on the description form for their entry.
      1. Sugar mediums used.
      2. List of flowers/foliage. All flower names should be indicated in the description. “Filler flowers” will not be scored if their names are not listed in the description.
      3. Techniques used for the flowers, such as, hand cut, or cutters used.
      4. Three or more photos of the assembly. If an unusual or uncommon species of flower or foliage is used, a clear photograph of a representative flower/foliage should be included with your description along with the correct botanical or common name for each.
  7. No theme description is needed.
  8. Main flowers must be made in gum paste; chocolate clay and wafer paper flowers could be added as a part of the flower arrangement (not more than 25% of an arrangement, i.e., 75% of sugar flowers are gum paste flowers, 25%- wafer or chocolate flowers. Cold porcelain will not be allowed.
  9. Each entry must have at least three (3) different full bloom flowers with at least one bud each. For example – a rose and a bud, a dahlia, and a half bloom with a bud and then a peony with a bud.
  10. Flowers must be life size; with a minimum of three (3) parts, such as stamens or centers, petals or sepals, and calyxes.
  11. At least three (3) large leaves or group of leaves or foliage must be incorporated into your display. This foliage does not need to botanically match the flower; however, it should be appropriate to and compliment your flower choices. For example, roses could be displayed with ivy foliage.
  12. Flowers should be as botanically correct as possible.
  13. Flowers may be hand-modeled or made with cutters and veiners and may be either wired or unwired. Multi-petal or “quickie” cutters may be used for making flowers, but they will be scored lower.
  14. Floral wire, florist tape, floral tubing, and commercial stamens are permitted.
  15. The sugar medium may be pre-colored, but must also be finished by dusting, airbrushing or a painted finish. Glitter and luster dust are not allowed on leaves and flowers. Remember this competition is about botanically correct sugar flowers.
  16. Displaying the flowers in a spray will increase your scores.
  17. Flowers must be displayed on a cake, or in a vase or other appropriate decorative container (not on flat boards). Each cake or arrangement should be placed on boards with feet. Flower arrangements in a vase should have a board with feet (covering with fondant does not require).
  18. Contestant must make everything for the competition (flowers, leaves, etc.) by himself/herself. Premade flowers will be disqualified.
  19. All sizes and displays must comply with main Competition rules. Entries may be put under plexiglass or other such cover, but judges must be able to view the entries without interference. The covering must be able to be easily removed by the judges.
  20. All entries must be original work for this show. For the purposes of this show, original means the entry may not have been entered in any other contest or competition, including online; and photos of the entry may not have been previously posted online, including social media sites. Additionally, no personal or business identifying marks, advertisements, will be allowed to be displayed along with or on the entry, or in the entry description.
  21. Check-in and set-up: July 28, 8 AM to 4PM.
  22. Late entries will not be placed on tables for judging.
  23. Judging will begin promptly at Friday July 29, 8 AM to 12PM.
  24. Winners will be announced beginning at Sunday, July 31 at Noon on the Vendor Hall Stage.
  25. Entries are not permitted to leave the competition display area until Sunday, July 31 from 1 to 2 PM. Any remaining after 2 PM will be disposed.
  26. All entries can be photographed and shared on websites and social media by judges and organizers after the show. You permit us to share pictures, by completing the entry form.
  27. Anyone winning first place two (2) times in a row must skip the next Sweet Art Masters Competition.
  28. Any entry that does not follow the rules may be displayed but will not be judged.
  29. Judges’ decisions are final.

Email for questions: sweetartmaster@yahoo.com

Meet Your 2022 Sweet Art Master Sugar Flower Competition Judges

Julia Fedorova, Head Judge

Julia Fedorova is the owner of Julia Fedorova Cakes, Sweet Art Master supply and Sweet Art Master sugar flower making school, located in New York, NY, USA. She is ICES Approved teacher.

Julia started her cake decorating journey in 2015. She is a self-taught cake artist. Her hard work and persistence allowed to achieve high results in a fairly short period of time. Her cakes and flower bouquets have a lot of medals and diplomas. 

In 2018 Julia started a new project – Sweet Art Master. She developed high quality gum paste for making sugar flowers and line of botanically correct veiners, cutters and molds.

Based on her experience, she opened Sweet Art Master sugar flower making school in May 2019. Also, Julia teaches and conduct demonstrations at cake conventions, days of sharing and cake shows. 

In 2020 Julia established a Sugar Flower Competition. 

In 2021 Julia Fedorova Cakes has been featured in Top 10 Wedding Bakers in NYC.

Her articles and pictures of her cakes were featured in cake magazines and newsletters. 

She is an author of “Sweet Botany”.  

Jan Wolfe, CSA, ICJ

Jan Wolfe is the owner of Dragon Treats, a custom pastry and scone business.  

Jan is an International Cake Exploration Societe (ICES) Certified Judge and Certified Sugar Artist.  She has been a sugar artist for over 20 years and judging sugar art for the past five years.  Jan graduated from the Chicago French Pastry School.  

Having served in the US Air Force for 30 years, Jan has had the opportunity to travel all over the world and has learned many different art mediums and artistic skills to apply to her sugar art.  She has been sharing her love of pastry and decorating by instructing and demonstrating at various places.  Her work has won numerous international awards and she has been published in the United States, and the United Kingdom.