2022 Cake Expo Instructor Application

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  • Session (Class) Title: Class/Demo Selection I am willing to adjust the length of this session if requested to do so by the show: If this session is selected as a Demonstration, I will provide my own handouts: Provide a brief description of your session/topic to be used on the Cake Expo website and to announce your session on social media. 30 words or less is preferred. Show Directors reserve the right to edit your description if necessary. List the primary mediums and techniques you will be using during your session: List all appliances and tools you will be using during this session that require the use of electricity: What language will this session be presented in? Will you need a volunteer to translate? Actions

    The Cake Hospital will be available for last minute preparation. If an unforeseen need requires that an item must be borrowed from the Cake Hospital, the instructor or their designated assistant will be asked to sign for that item and the item must be returned to the Cake Hospital upon completion of the class. The replacement cost of the borrowed item shall be deducted from the instructor's class fees payment if the item is not returned.  Consumable products cannot be taken from the Cake Hospital for classes.

    For Your Information:   The demonstrations are 45 minutes in duration with 30 minutes (before and after) allowed for set-up and clean- up.  The Hands-on Classes vary in duration and will also be allowed 30 minutes (before and after) for set-up and clean-up.

    Tables will be provided to display your demonstration or hands on class project.  Seeing your finished work is helpful for those trying to choose a demonstration/class to attend.

    As a Cake Expo Instructor we encourage you to use social media to let your followers know that you will be attending the Cake Expo.

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    By submitting this application, I am indicating I have read and understand the Cake Expo Instructor Guidelines as provided on the Cake Expo website (CakeExpo.org) and I agree to comply with the guidelines. I understand that my application will not be considered without the proper supporting documents (forms, project photo, headshot, and handout if applicable). 

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