We are no longer accepting applications for instructors for Fort Worth. 

Check back soon for the list of classes for Fort Worth, Texas. 

Deadline for applications: January 30, 2021 (Extended)

Classes/Demos will be reviewed in the order received.
Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
Priority will be given to Classes/Demos that are debuted at ICES or Exclusive for Cake Expo 2021. Please include that information in your class description.

Applications are now being accepted for:
  • 2-3 hour classes
  • 4 hour classes
  • 6 hour classes
  • 1 hour demonstrations
What you need to apply:
  • Headshot
  • Bio
  • Project Photo
  • Project Description
  • Class/Demo Handout
  • Demonstrators will receive a $100 gratuity as a “Thank You” for sharing your talents.
  • Demonstrators must provide handouts (paper size 8 ½ “x 11”). These should include your name and email, an outline of your demonstration, a list of supplies, and any patterns and/or recipes. It is also good for note taking. ICES will print one (1) double sided, black and white page handout for you which must be included with your application.
Hands On Class (HOC) Instructors
  • Instructors will receive $50 per student for 2/3 hour classes, $100 per student for 4 hour classes and $150 per student for 6 hour classes.
  • Class sizes are capped at a maximum of 24 students.
  • Instructors are required to supply all equipment and supplies needed to complete the class.
  • Instructors must supply their own handouts that include your name and email, an outline of the class, supply list and any patterns or recipes.
  • Instructors must provide Certificates for students.
  • Instructors should provide their own translator/assistant for their classes unless the class is taught in English only or Spanish only.
Additional Information:
  • You do not need to be a member of ICES or registered for Cake Expo to be chosen as an Instructor/Demonstrator, however we encourage you to do so.
  • We also encourage you to apply to be an ICES Approved Teacher so that students with ICES Scholarships can use them for your class.
  • If you do not register for Cake Expo, or purchase a Day Pass, you will only have access to the classroom area and cake hospital. You will not be eligible for Cake Expo perks including, special events, or access to the Exhibition Hall.
  • Non-registered instructors who will be demoing in an Exhibitor (Vendor) Booth, MUST be registered by the Exhibitor (Vendor) for a Staff Badge.

Thank you for sharing your time and talents,

 Please direct any questions to: instructors@ices.or