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Modern Flowers: Wafer Paper Peony

In this hands-on class, students will create lifelike peony from wafer paper and learn valuable flower making techniques such as:

  • How to condition wafer paper (non-alcohol recipe)
  • Coloring wafer paper
  • Veining and shaping petals
  • 3 ways to wire wafer paper
  • Storage and arranging

Anna will share her recipe and demonstrate how to easily make wafer paper conditioner and wafer paper glue that won’t melt your creations.

Each student will learn and practice to cut, condition and shape individual petals. After each petal is veined, wired and colored, they will be assembled into a realistic flower.

All Tools and Materials will be provided for classroom use only.

This workshop is open to ALL SKILL LEVELS from Beginner to Professional.


Class Dates

Sunday – July 25th


Texas Ballroom J

Hands On Class Times

8:00AM – 12:00PM