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Victorian Lambeth / English Style Gingerbread Cookies

NO Beginners- Intermediate- Advanced decorating piping skills required. Kathleen designed these cookie designs for students, specifically for students to learn and use several piping techniques and skills.

  • Royal Icing/ Proper Consistencies’
  • Toothpick Roses
  • Latticework
  • English & Lambeth Style Overpiping
  • Lacework
  • Floodwork
  • Pressure control & correct angles.

All cookies decorated with MoreThanCake “A Royal Mix” flavored with Perfect Palate Flavors. Finally cookies taste as good as they look!

All piped, no molds used!

Students will be completing 3 cookies during class. All techniques covered in class. Completion of class project, all depends on student’s skill levels, as time permits.

STUDENTS SUPPLIES – Apron, Small Turntable

All other tools/supplies provided to complete project; cookies, brushes, powder colors/highlighter, parchment triangles, royal icing and handouts


Class Dates

Friday – June 23rd


Texas Ballroom G

Hands On Class Times

8:00AM – 2:00PM