“The Best Sugar Flowers at Cake Expo Award”

Established and Sponsored by Julia Fedorova Cakes

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This special award is designed to encourage and recognize the best sugar flowers at Cake Expo. Any cake/sugar piece brought for display or created during Cake Expo 2021 may be eligible for this award. The winner will be announced during the Sunday Awards Ceremony.

Grand Prize – A $300 Gift Basket of Sweet Art Master Products plus a Certificate for a private 8 hour sugar flower class at Julia Fedorova Cakes in New York City – total prize valued at $1000!

Competitors requesting their entry to be judged for this award must indicate this on their Entry Form at check-in to the Sugar Art Gallery.  Entrants for this award should provide a separate detailed description of mediums and techniques used for the sugar flowers as outlined in Rule 10.

Rules and Requirements:
  1. Flowers can be made of gumpaste, chocolate clay; wafer paper flowers could be added as a part of the flower arrangement; however, not cold porcelain.
  2. Flowers must be displayed on a cake, or in a vase or other appropriate decorative container. Flowers displayed on a flat board will not qualify for this competition.
  3. Each entry must have at least three (3) full bloom flowers and one bud.
  4. Flowers must be life size; with a minimum of three (3) parts, such as stamens or centers, petals or sepals, and calyxes.
  5. At least one (1) large leaf or group of leaves or foliage must be incorporated into your display. This foliage does not need to botanically match the flower; however, it should be appropriate to, and compliment your flower choices.  For example, roses could be displayed with ivy foliage.
  6. Flowers should be as botanically correct as possible. If an unusual or uncommon species of flower or foliage is used, a clear photograph of a representative flower/foliage should be included with your description along with the correct botanical or common name for each.
  7. Flowers may be hand-modeled or made with cutters and veiners, and may be either wired or unwired. Multi-petal or “quickie” cutters may be used, but each set is considered one (1) flower part, not the number of petal divisions in the cutter.
  8. Floral wire, florist tape, floral tubing, and commercial stamens are permitted.
  9. The sugar medium may be pre-colored, but must also be finished by dusting, airbrushing or a painted finish.
  10. Each entrant must include the following information for their entry on a separate sheet of paper which will be given to the judges. Do not put your name or any identification on the paper. All information must be typed and in the following format before you arrive. Please include clear photographs of any unusual or uncommon flower or foliage species used in your display.  See the attached sample.
    1. Sugar mediums used:
    2. List of flowers/foliage:
    3. Techniques used for the flowers:
  11. Judging will be done separate from the other competitions and will be based on a point system.  Up to 10 points will be awarded in these seven (7) categories for a maximum score of 70 points. The decisions of the judges shall be final.
    • Overall general appearance and incorporation into the display.
    • Creativity and originality
    • Realistic, accurate representation of flower varieties
    • Appropriate petal thickness, correctly formed petals and other flower parts; neatness and precision
    • Difficulty of techniques and design
    • Accurate natural coloring
    • Appropriate foliage

    For question regarding this competition, please contact:  programs@ices.org


    Sugar Flowers Competition

    Entry # __________(Sugar Art Gallery Committee will fill out)
    1. Sugar mediums used:
    2. List of flowers/foliage:
    3. Techniques used for the flowers:
    4. Name of unusual or uncommon flower or foliage species: __________________________
    5. Attach pictures