Fort Worth, Texas, Here We Come! 

July will be here before you know it and I’m sure you are getting your travel plans together; airline tickets, hotel reservations and Cake Expo registration.  You’ve picked your classes and demos and reviewed the vendors.  The very next thing on your list should be travel insurance.  Why?  Remember: The LARGEST portion of your expenses to Cake Expo are “NON-REFUNDABLE”.  The ICES Board of Directors has been listening to you and want you to have the information you will need to ensure you have protected yourself.  We have no connections with any one company; we are just providing the information.  What happens if you get sick at Cake Expo (it has happened more often than you think) and you need medical attention? Will your medical insurance cover it?  Many out of state insurance companies fall short.  What would happen if you are ready to leave for Cake Expo and you, or a family member become ill, or some unforeseen event occurs?  You will not recover all of the expenses for your classes or your airline ticket without travel insurance.  These are just a few reasons you should truly consider purchasing travel insurance. 

The decision is up to you and your situation.  Many people never purchase travel insurance or have a need for it.  However, if something were to happen, you could save yourself money and frustration.  We hope you have a safe uneventful trip to Fort Worth and back home!

There are a few to choose from depending on your needs.

  • You can go on their websites and compare their different plans or give them a call.
  • You can book the insurance the day you make your plans or decide right up to the day before you leave.
  • You have a certain number of days from the date of purchase in which to cancel the policy should you change your mind. 
  • The cost of the policy is based on your age, particular circumstances, and the cost of the trip. 
  • Some travel insurance is available to U.S. residents only but cannot be purchased if you live within a 100-mile radius of the Convention.